Why We Play

About our company and why we do what we do.

Our Mission

We seek to redefine play by reimagining work and redesigning the human experience.

Our Values

We seek to redefine play by reimagining work and redesigning the human experience.

MY SELF • how I show up

Be Playful

Tune in to your fun frequency.

Be Present

Bring your conscious self.

Be Positive

Tap in to good energy.

MY WORK • what I do with it

Be Creative

Expand your imagination.

Be Consistent

Lean in to the work.

Be Committed

Do whatever it takes.

MY PEOPLE • how I share it with others


Encourage diversity of thought.

Be Empathetic

Feel what others are feeling.

Be Engaging

Build unbreakable bonds.

Our Story

Eight years ago on a beach, two kids asked a man struggling with depression if he wanted to play. Their infectious nature could elicit only one response — a wholehearted YES! From there our founder went down the rabbit hole of his own imagination and PlayLab had its origins.

Since then, over 250 companies or individuals have been transformed by the unique and proprietary PlayLab process. Unlike other personal and professional development programs, which tend to be content-based and rigidly structured, we are driven by a context-based experiential approach. This design provides an opportunity to literally experiment with play as a catalyst for creating thriving lives and healthy workplace environments.

From focus groups and community forums to social networks and international efforts, PlayLab has already left its mark in North America, Europe, and Africa. We have recently pivoted our business focus with an emphasis on providing tools and resources through the multifaceted modality of play. For us at PlayLab, play is not an event, it’s an environment.

With team members based in Honolulu, San Diego, and New York City, our company has been an eight-year experiment and is positioned to be a forerunner in the quest for healthy and creative workplaces.

We invite you to join us on the playground and experiment with play!

Our Team

Steve Rix

Chief Experience Officer

Steve Rix has 30 years of experience in human development. From public to private entities and from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, he has a vast array of exposure to how humans perform in the workplace. His playful nature led him on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship until he planted his stake in the ground when he founded PlayLab. He has a vision to build a legacy where companies create playful happy people everywhere. When Steve isn’t playing with PlayLab clients, you can find him on the golf course, scuba diving, hiking, and enjoying his playground in paradise — Hawaii!

🔥 Beach Bonfires
👨‍🍳 Cooking
⛳️ Golf
🥾 Hiking
🌊 Scuba Diving

Bri Durment

Chief Play Officer

Bri Durment is the ultimate advocate for play. From combining her studies in child behavioral development and her professional experience in sales and brand marketing, she is on a mission to share how people can find their way to do what they love and discover “play” at work! She has significant experience with personal development—including breathwork, meditation, and emotional mastery—and brings extraordinary value to how these modalities overlap into the world of play. Bri calls San Diego home where she enjoys playing at the beach, in the mountains, and everywhere between.

🏝 Beach
🏔 Mountains

Matt Heinecke

Ambassador of Play

Matt Heinecke has over 20 years of engineering experience with several patents to his name. Always an entrepreneur at heart, he sold his first business at age 12 and has founded others since with the latest focusing on games to improve teamwork and communication. Growing up in Utah, he spent many years outdoors playing in the mountains and desert. As a creative, he writes children’s books, designs logos, and creates brain teasers. When not being a champion for play and mental fitness, he can be found in Charlotte playing with his wife, Rahel, and their five children.

🎲 Board Games
⛺️ Camping
🎨 Creating
🎉 Partying
🏈 Playing Sports

Anastasia Neddersen

Ambassador of Play