Discover Your Playful Self

Can you really transform your life, how you work, and your overall well-being by playing?

Learn how to experience play as a pathway to mental wellness.

Discover innovative ways to transform the way we understand work.

Refresh your sense of play as a building block for changing the world.


Now more than ever the world needs your energy! Whether it be mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, the reshaping of the workforce, pandemic fatigue, or simply the growing longing for personal happiness and global harmony, we face many struggles every day.

Play Saves the Day offers a simple path to redefine play and rediscover ourselves as playful beings. Through awakening our creativity and imagination, we have the power to return to our playful state as a core building block for improving our personal lives, the communities around us, and even the world.

By adding this simple, yet transforming, resource to your life, you’ll discover solutions where you once saw challenges. When you reimagine play, you can redesign the human experience!

Let’s start an experiment together and reimagine what it means to play!


I propose to you to “let your hair down” and be sure to step away from that serious way of living that you have come to know. It will be important to mentally relax because many of our world’s cultures have relegated play to the position of, shall we say, an “after thought” — after I get work done, after I have accrued enough vacation time, after I have saved enough, or after I resolve that pressing or lingering issue. Maybe you get the point. Many societies have made play a centerpiece of child development and then abandon it when they “grow up.” Even in first-world countries like the United States, play has been elevated in many ways to be a very exclusive element for a very limited sector of society. As the result of this, we live in a world where people now are only taught to work. Work hard, work long, and be smart with money so that you can retire. When you retire, you can relax. But, before that, fight like hell for what you can get because it is a dog-eat-dog world…

This book is your permission slip to mentally “cut class” — to essentially give the middle finger to the boss and take a sick day. It’s your time to play!

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Download the E-Book and Access the Online Playbook Here!



“The wisdom and healing power of play spreads throughout these pages giving every reader a map to reconnect with their inner child and find presence in a chaotic world. The world has never needed this book more than it does right now.”

TORI GORDON, Social Media Influencer (TikTok Top 30 Women in the World!) & Personal Development Coach

“A meaningful and engaging book…the importance of play and taking care of mental well-being will change the culture of businesses for generations to come.”

BRANDON BELL, CEO & Community Advocate

“If you buy this book IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! It opened my eyes to what is available in my life now to escape to a place where my everyday stresses aren’t present. This book also encouraged me to reach out to someone in my life who was distant and now, through play, we connect daily.”

ELLEN COLLARD, Small Business Owner

“In a world consumed with to-do lists and productivity, but marred by burnout and emotional drain, this book reminds us that play isn’t simply a reward for a job well done; play is how we can get the job done better while saving our sanity and enriching both our lives and our relationships.”

CHRISTOPHER ‘TENNESSEINE’ HUGHEY, Innovator, Podcaster, & Social Media Influencer

“As a 40-year veteran and worldwide expert in experiential personal development, emotional intelligence skills, and leadership training, I can truly say my friend, Steve Rix, is onto something BIG! The art and practice of play is essential to innovation, flow states of consciousness, and expansion in every area of a corporation’s or individual’s life. Steve Rix has nailed this like no one ever before! Bravo!”

CHUCK MORRISON, International Corporate Trainer & Personal Development Facilitator


Download the E-Book Today!


Download the E-Book and Access the Online Playbook Here!